Achillobator (known as Arboreal Raptors by Dingodile) are species of large dromaeosaurs like Utahraptor. They don't appear in Outcast Bandicoot, but they're fan characters.

A bandicoot soldier was searching for one of them and it used its long tail and begins choking him on the neck and feasted on him.

Dingodile went to his house and he saw an Achillobator invading it. He angrily asked the creature to stay away from his house, but the creature didn't respond and attempts to attack him, but Dingodile took it down with a few shots with his taser gun and the raptor fell back on the ground. It is unknown if it survived, but it likely that it did, since Dingodile shot it on the medium setting. It is unlikely that Dingodile didn't send it back to its era since he wouldn't do that with "his best tail". Dingodile possibly sent it to Crunch's house where Crunch may put it to the menagerie outside.

Deaths causedEdit