Crystal Bandicoot (known as Chayenne Bandicoot) is a female bandicoot and the sister of Crunch. She was evolved, until she was killed when she was tested on the Cortex Vortex. However, she was still a kid after her death. Strangley it shows she managed to survive the Cortex Vortex after Crash, Coco, and Nitrus used gems and they destroyed the Vortex in Cortex Strikes Back. Crystal became an adult after she survived. She was the sister-in-law of Tani and the aunt of Tasha, Tackle, and Tayna. She has once again joined back with her brothers (Crunch and Steve) and sister (Tawna). Crystal reveals that she survived that she was zapped by the Cortex Vortex and falls uncouncious and looks like she's dead and it gave her a chance to escape Cortex's evil plan and after years she became an adult. Crystal may have been Crimzon Demoness before she became good again.


Crunch BandicootEdit

She seems to have liked being with her older brother and not being with Cortex or Brio.

Tani TigerEdit

It is likely that she is good friends with her.


She would have enjoyed seeing her two niece and her nephew as the offspring of Crunch and Tani.


It isn't quite sure if Crystal has ever became the girlfriend of Dingodile, but she would be beautiful for Dingodile.

Crash and CocoEdit

She really liked hanging out with her two new pals.

Tawna BandicootEdit

She might have been along with her sister since they were unevolved experiments.

Tiny and Ripper RooEdit

She may not seem to like Ripper Roo much due to his chaos and attitude, but since Crunch never liked Tiny, Crystal may not like seeing Crunch and Tiny fighting each other.