The Elementals are four evil masks that caused destruction to destroy the world. On N. Sanity Island, Crash and Coco were on a speed boat and Pura and Aku Aku were at the beach and big shakes appeared. A volcano erupts (Rok-Ko and Py-Ro), a gigantic thunder cloud (Wa-Wa and Lo-Lo), and a tsunami (Wa-Wa attacks). Aku Aku enters the place where Crash Bash was and sees Uka Uka has company. The Elementals appeared. Py-Ro tells the rest to destroy Aku Aku. The Elementals take control of Crunch, but after the final boss in Wrath of Cortex, he was free. However, Aku Aku realized he defeated his own evil pals and he decided to betray his friends and realase the Elementals and Uka Uka. Aku Aku sees the Elementals with Aku Aku trapped in their prison. Rok-Ko now has a huge rock body and has another heads that is like him. Wa-Wa has a huge skeleton body made of ice. Py-Ro's body is made of boiling lava and magma. Lo-Lo's body is made of wind and is a gigantic tornado. They trap Crunch and his family. Crash sees Cerberus and rides on him. Everyone has turned to slaves and N-Gin and N-Brio tell them to keep going and Rok-Ko is watching them, Wa-Wa and Py-Ro continued to blast their ice and lava at Crunch, Lo-Lo is looking for other trespassers, and Aku Aku is enjoying his evil plan. Uka Uka has a gigantic humanoid Cyclops body and he died from falling off a cliff when defeated by Crash. Crash says "Don't get to toptical, Aku!" Crash frees Steve, Crystal, Anurognathus, Tawna, Bat, Dingodile and everyone else. Py-Ro blasts lava, but it hits Aku Aku. Wa-Wa shoots ice, but it freezes Aku Aku. Crash frees Crunch and Cerberus grabs N-Brio and N-Gin and breaths fire on them and whacks them. Crunch throws his lightning bolts and Rok-Ko's two heads become disabled. Crash grabs Lo-Lo and he uses him to suck up Rok-Ko, Wa-Wa, and Py-Ro. Crash throws the Elementals into space and they explode.