Gigantophis is a large prehistoric snake that lived when human beings and mammals appeared. A large female survived extinction and takes over N. Sanity Island and drives Crash and his family to X-Treme Island. She lives in water like some snakes. She attacks a Tribesman and a member tries to put an end on her with a fire spear, but she doesn't take any affect. Gigantophis ignores the armed tribesman and goes after her victim. The tribesman yells as he gets eaten by Gigantophis. She returns back to her home. She then joins forces with Megalania. Crash and Coco put Nitro Crates that can't be exploded when touched (unlike the games). Crash and Coco quickly leave and they set the explosion in N. Sanity island and Gigantophis and Megalania both "died" in the explosion. Gigantophis survived the explosion with Megalania and the two creatures still cause trouble on N. Sanity Island.