Kaprosuchus (known as a boar-crocodile since it almost looks like a boar) is a prehistoric crocodile from the Cretaceous. A Kaprosuchus came to the 21st century and went after the Bandigers. Crunch grabs the Kaprosuchus in it's jaws, but the Kaprosuchus bites him on the shoulder. The Kaprosuchus was shot by Tani with an EMD and the Kaprosuchus dies. Another Kaprosuchus appeared and it chased Tani and she shot it and the Kaprosuchus tumbles down on the ground and was either killed or stunned. The Kaprosuchus was more stronger and faster than the 1st one that got killed so it is likley it is alive with the Tyrannosaurus, Fog Worms, Anurognathuses, Arobreal Dinosaur, and the other prehistoric creatures.