Pit Lizard is a huge pit dwelling lizard from a huge pit. Crunch and his allies fall into a pit and a huge army of pit dwelling monsters appear. Dingodile becam sad that he sees Crunch attacked by Pit Spiders. Dingodile got angry that he starts killing Pit Spiders and slashes a Pit Lizard. A lab assistant kills two Tentacle Bugs but gets his leg arm and head chomped and the Tentacle Bugs feats on the lab assistant. Another lab assistant climbs, but gets grabbed by the claw of a Spider Crab. After the fight was over, the lab assistants were left and one of the Pit Lizards appear and eats the lab assistant and a Spider Crab eats the 2nd lab assistant and a Pit Spider kills the 3rd lab assistant and one of the Tentacle Bugs kills the last lab assistant.