Siegdog is a male potoroo and is one of Pinstripe's minions. He is first seen with Blaze Potoroo meeting Crunch and Tani in Cortex Castle. Later, Cortex introduced the Potoroo Gang in battle and Crunch and Tani again met Pinstripe and Siegdog and Blaze also came. Pinstripe noticed that Crunch and Tani are a bunch of teenagers and he and his minions were ready to fight. Tani was than forced to fight Siegdog and said that he is weak. Siegdog snaps at her that he wasn't weak. Tani punches Siegdog and Pinstripe angred him and told him to get up. Crunch defeated Blaze and Pinstripe got tired of fighting for Neo Cortex. Siegdog and Blaze agreed and the Potoroo Gang left.