Stegosaurus was a giant herbivore dinosaur from the Jurassic. Crunch and his crew men (Crash, Ripper Roo, three lab assistants, Koala Kong, and Pinstripe) saw a Stegosaurus walking and then it continued walking and stopped and... It saw Crunch and the gang! The Stegosaurus charges at the gang and it killed the three lab assistants and Crash throws a bomb and the Stegosaurus falls down breathing. Crunch shot it on th leg and it got up and attacks Crunch and Pinstripe shoots the Stegosaurus and the dinosaur falls on the ground. The Stegosaurus got shot in the face. Crunch and the gang went passed it, but the Stegosaurus survived the gun shot (the bullet must have not hit it's brain). The Stegosaurus continues moving and its tail trys to hit the gang. Later, the Stegosaurus returned and charges at Tasha, Tayna, and Tackle. Crunch jumped on the Stegosaurus and fights it. The Stegosaurus falls on the ground and is still alive.