Tasha Bandiger is the daughter of Crunch and Tani. After Cortex was defeated after 3 years, Crunch went to the church (show time). Dingodile was the marraige reader and Tani arrived in her wedding dress and Dingodile asked if Crunch will take Tani to be his lovely wife. Crunch said he will. Dingodile than asked Tani is she will take Crunch to be his handsome husband. Tano agreed. Tani and Crunch kissed each other. Back at X-Treme Island, Crucnh and Tani have arrived back and Tani gave birth to a baby girl. It was a female hybrid animal mix between a bandicoot and tiger. They named her Tasha. Tasha becomes a teenager and her little brother Tackle was next. Another offspring who is the youngest of the bandigers is Tayna.