Tawna Bandicoot was a female mutated bandicoot and was Crunch's sister and was once Crash's girlfriend. In Crunch's early life, Tawna was evolved by the Evolvo-Ray with Crunch, Crystal, and Butch, including Kong, Pinstripe, and Tani. Tawna was rescued by Crash from Cortex and Brio, but she dumped him for Pinstripe Potoroo.

After 3 years from Cortex's last defeat, Crunch and Tani had to rescue Tawna. Dingodile was happy to meet Crunch again that he was alive. Tiny told Tani to return, but Tani couldn't since she had work to do. Tani asked if Tawna was ready to apologized to Crash and she was.

Tawna got to Crash's house and she went to Crash and Crash became very nervous. Tawna asked Crahs that she was so sorry for dumping him for Pinstriped Potoroo. She made a total fool of herself and tears came out of her eyes and Crash also had tears out of his eyes. Crash and Tawna hugged each other and Coco fainted, but Scolosaurus woke her up. After that, Crunch and Tani left and Crash, Coco, Tawna, and Scolosaurus wave good-bye to them.



Crunch may not seem to like Tawna changing to different sides like Pinstripe or Jaseo's sides, but Tawna is still part of his family.


She loved Crash so much, but she had left Crash for "ignoring" her which caused her to be on Pinstripe's side.


She seems very stubborn to the albino potoroo to fight over Pinstripe, until Tiffany won agaisnt her.


She may have not a good time with that ferocious bilby.


She once seemed to hang out with Pinstripe after she dumped Crash, until she no longers be with Pinstripe.


It would be highly doubtful for her be getting along with a muscular thylacine.