Velociraptor are carnivorous Cretaceous dinosaurs that hunt in packs. Theses things belong to the dromaeosaur family.

Tasha, Tackle, and Tayna were walking at the beach and they saw a Velociraptor on a hill and then another one appears and then more came and one lands next to Tasha, Tayna, and Tackle. The Velociraptor sees the bandigers and roars at them. Then later, more came and went close to the bandigers and one jumps at them, but Tackle slashes it. Tasha, Tayna, and Tackle run as the Velociraptor pack starts chasing them. Tackle tripped and he told Tasha and Tayna to go before it's too late. Tackle fights the Velociraptors. Only three were left, but Tackle sees that the 3 were juveniles. The mother Velociraptor appears and a gigantic Tarbosaurus appears. Tackle begins to run that he wished it was easy. The juvenile Velociraptors run and the Tarbosaurus chases them and the mother Velociraptor goes after the Tarbosaurus.